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Career evolution, creative blocks and copywriters: The Copy Cats

Episode 2 of The Working Writer Podcast features a team of corporate copywriters.

It’s writing lingo that applies more to fiction writers than copywriters but as a concept, it can apply to any creative project: pansting versus planning.

Pantsing is when you write by the seat of your pants –– you don’t know the twists and turns your story will take until you’re actively writing. The contrast of a pantser is a planner, someone who carefully outlines and every twist and turn ahead of time. In between are the hybrids, the writers who start with a loose plan they allow to evolve –– through pantsing –– while they write the draft.

I’m a hybrid. I had a topic and a high-level outline for this second episode of The Working Writer podcast. The interview this time was not with a single writer but a whole team of them: the corporate copywriters I most recently worked with at place we called “the company.”

Because corporate copywriting can be full-time and lucrative, it’s a fantastic way for a working writer to pay their bills with words. The team shared how their careers evolved into copywriting, how to find corporate copywriting jobs, and some of the tests and challenges writers on marketing teams face as they work with designers, managers and stakeholders.

What there’s no time for in a corporate setting is a creative block. So while “writer’s block” comes along for the ride for any creative, it needs a quick fix when writing is your day job. There’s not time to sit staring at a blank screen, stumped and depressed.

I thought I had the content on copywriting and creative blocks all planned out.

I sat down to write the Companion Guide eBook on writer’s block with a plan. These eBooks pair with the podcast episode in a complimentary way; each can be stand-alone –– or listeners can get the guide (less than a buck on Amazon) and further explore the topic. Every book comes with a fun “prize inside.”

You know what they say about the best laid plans…

As I researched and wrote, there quite a few surprises.

SFDs: Anne Lamott’s gift to writers

The twists and turns I discovered while working on this episode and eBook led me to a surprising place: trauma. Even though I write about trauma often, I hadn’t related it to writing and creative blocks. I won’t give it all away here (get the book!) but I will say that what I learned helped me accomplish the very thing I was doing: creating a podcast.

It’s like a cannibalistic nesting doll: a creative project explores creative blocks and in so doing, discovers the key to accomplishing the creative project in the first place.

Copywriting Interview with The Copy Cats

Amakeda, Tyler, Skyler, and Lora are all career professional working writers.

It might surprise you that:

  • None of us started out as corporate copywriters. We evolved into it
  • We were hired by a recruiter
  • Job descriptions don’t always match what the actual task load ends up to be
  • “Copywriting” is a general term that can cover several more specific distinctions
  • Being a copywriter can make you a better writer of anything, including fiction
  • Statistics show the majority of copywriters have something else in common. My proof is in this ebook.

Resources to help you Overcome Creative Blocks:

What the NIH says about Understanding Trauma

Plotting Your Novel with the Plot Clock

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

The Business of Being a Writer by Jane Friedman 

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

My standing desk 

The Companion Guide to this episode: Overcome Creative Blocks

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