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Best-selling romance author Sara Celi on word count, writing sprints and building an author career with intention

Romance author Sara Celi shares her tips to help you make time to write.

The most valuable writing advice I’ve ever received wasn’t about writing at all; it was about time management. Cal Newport’s Deep Work taught me more about how to make time to write than anything on craft, and was a game-changer in my writing career because by getting intentional about my goals, time, and targets, I had more to show for the same time spent.

It’s less dreamy and more productive than romantic thought on being a writer, but there it is. I had a choice: either spend my life wandering in the wilderness making love to my favorite idea-of-the-moment or get down to business about what I really want from a writing career.

The nexus of dreams and strategic planning was the primary topic of conversation with best-selling romance author Sara Celi. She’s dedicated to the core about getting her word count down, but she’s also mindful of the big picture of her author career, the next book, her target reader, and peripheral issues like marketing.

Without your dedication, real-life will drain your writing time. Sometimes, that’s okay.

Sara and I quickly got into “real talk” about what it looks like to make time to write and build an author career while facing challenges in our lives. Sara experienced the Moore Tornado in 2013 and last year, her baby was born three months early. Both of these events are important markers in her author-journey. Listen to our conversation to find out why.

Other topics covered in the interview:

  • writing in a genre
  • writing to market
  • marketing for authors
  • newsletters
  • social media
  • infant loss
  • what a typical day looks like for a full-time romance author.

Make Time to Write: The Companion Guide to this episode

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